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Natural Gas

Efficient Gas Generators in Toronto

Are you looking for gas generators in Toronto? At Paramount Power Systems Ltd, we carry a wide range of quality industrial and residential generators. For over 30 years, we have been providing generators sales and rental services to our customers. Our gas generators are not only affordable but also efficient source of backup fuel. If you are planning to replace your existing power backup system with a new one, reach out to us for gas fueled generators.


Protect your critical power applications with the generators that are proven to work, custom-tailored to your specifications and engineered to provide consistent, reliable power. Based in Toronto, Paramount Power Systems offers cost-efficient, targeted generator solutions all across Ontario. Unlike "one-size-fits-all" generators, we offer a full line of natural gas generators that are designed and rated to work specifically for continuous, prime or standby applications.



Count on us when in need of energy efficient and eco-friendly gas generators in Toronto. You can be rest assured of our prompt and exceptional customer service. We also help you with product delivery and installation. Feel free to reach out to us for more details. Contact the generator technicians at Paramount Power Systems Ltd for more information.

What Are Gas Generators?

Simply put, a gas generator is a device used to generate the gas. In some cases, it works by storing pressurized gas. Still, when this is not possible or not practical, it can also work by generating gas through a chemical reaction or from a solid or a liquid source. It is extremely common in the industrial gas industry, where gaseous chemicals are produced for selling purposes using gas generators.



Difference Between Diesel and Gas Generators?

An alternative available in the market to gas generators is diesel generators. As the name suggests, these generators are powered by diesel. The most common application of diesel generators is in areas that are not powered by a power grid or as a backup in power outages. They are also used in water vessels such as ships as an energy source and for propulsion. One of the most prominent features of diesel engines is the assurance of a steady power supply. However, they are a lot more expensive.


Gas generators, on the other hand, are run by natural gas. They are cost-efficient and can be used to power both emergency and portable generators. They are one of the most affordable and effective fuels among non-renewable resources for power generation.  Other than those mentioned above, a gas generator has multiple uses. It can be used as:

  • A power source

  • For inflation and fire suppression

  • For oxygen generation

  • For the generation of fuel gas

You can speak with our technicians to know which generator suits you the best, its price, services, etc.



Advantages of Gas Generators

Despite the many merits of diesel generators, gas generators are preferred by many people. The reasons for this preference include:


Cost and Productivity

  • Gas generators are cleaner and cost lesser than other types of generators and are considerably more efficient.

Environmental Considerations

  • Gas generators use natural gas, which is one of the cleanest fuels. It has fewer emissions. In comparison to oil and coal, gas generators release far lesser amounts of sulphur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas).

Olfactory Reasons

  • When natural gas undergoes the combustion process, it does not produce any pungent, foul or funny smells, unlike most other fuels.

Suitable for Residential use

  • When homes are powered using gas generators, they save a lot in terms of costs.

Readily Available

  • Gas generators are readily available in most cities, and thus, it is easy to get your hands on one for personal or commercial use.

Auditory Reasons

  • Generators run by diesel produce loud and unpleasant noises when in operation. This, however, is not the case with gas generators.

Smaller Size

  • Especially when viewed in comparison to diesel generators, gas generators are smaller and more portable.




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of gas generators available?

  • Gas generators come in both- portable and standby models. You can choose one as per your needs.

What should I consider before buying a generator?

  • You must think of your budget of the appliances that you would like to keep functional in times of a power outage and the wattage of those appliances and fuel types.

How long does a generator last?

  • A well- maintained and good quality generator can last for decades.




Why Choose Us?

At Paramount Power Systems, we strongly believe in providing you with the best generators to suit all your residential or commercial needs in Toronto. Thus, we are available to supply you with good quality generators and provide you with consultation and advice on which generator to buy.

Consult Our Specialists

Have a question about a product or service price? Ask one of our technicians.

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