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Paramount Power Systems has become the company that businesses in Toronto and throughout Ontario count on for the personal touch when it comes to generator sales. In addition to gas and diesel generators, we also offer generator controls, transfer switch, paralleling switchgear, and total system integration solutions.  Every generator we build is customized to meet your needs, regardless of size.  These generators can be installed indoors or outdoors with a custom built enclosure to protect them from the elements.

We provide industrial and commercial generator solutions that healthcare facilities, factories and other companies throughout Ontario count on for reliable electricity. As a family owned and operated company, our goal is to provide and service the generators that keep your lights on and machinery running.

Get in touch with us to get your commercial generator in place in Toronto.


We cater to a number of industrial and commercial establishments in Toronto and throughout Ontario with our commercial generator services. Our customers have various requirements and expectations, and we can gladly say that we successfully cater to all of them. Some of our customers include:


Healthcare Facilities

All  healthcare facilities such as hospitals, rehab centres and long term care homes depend on continuous power. Almost all necessary life safety equipment used in hospitals run on electricity today, and thus, power outages are a life safety concern.  This is where we come in. We provide healthcare facilities with generators that they can trust and rely on in times of power outages. This helps them ensure that they can continue on their mission to help people and save their lives without worrying about electricity.



Today, all production takes place with the help of machines that run on electricity. Most production occurs via assembly lines, which means that each part of the assembly line needs to be functioning correctly. This means that there always needs to be a constant supply of electricity at all times and to all areas of the factory. If there is a lack of power to even one part of the factory, the entire production process will be stalled, and the commercial establishment will probably face severe losses. This is where we come in. Our generators ensure the supply of electricity to all parts of the factory even in power cuts. The generators automatically come on and supply power to the machinery in times of power outages.


Other Companies

We also supply generators for many businesses, buildings, municipalities and offices.   Condominiums, grocery stores, data centres, fire halls, long term care facilities, nursing homes and water treatment plants are just a few examples of the industries we build generators for.  We deal with business owners,  property managers, engineers and project managers on an ongoing basis to ensure that all the specification required are met for each generator we build.


Before installing a commercial generator, you should consider the following:


It would help if you thought about installing your generator indoors or outdoors and thinking about whether you want one big generator or multiple smaller generators connected parallelly.


Finances and Construction

Indoor real estate can be expensive, and thus, it might not be the best idea to use it for generators. Simultaneously, it would be best to remember that space for generators is designated and constructed at the time of the building construction itself in many commercial areas.


Space for Airflow

It is essential to keep adequate space around the generator to ensure proper and adequate airflow at all times. Not having proper airflow can cause the generator to overheat, which can cause fatal accidents and injuries.


Sound and Vibration

Generators are heavy machinery, and thus, they produce a lot of sound and vibrations. While installing generators, you must use vibration isolators between the genset skid and the floor foundation to reduce the transmission of vibrations to the factory or the workplace.


How can I purchase a commercial generator?

We can provide you with any size custom generator, specified to your needs. Contact us today for more information about a free quote for your generator.


Can a local electrician repair the commercial generator?

No, only a licenced electrical and gas contractor can install a generator.


Can I use my generator while it is being repaired?

While the repair process is underway, your generator might be unstable. Thus, it might not be in usable condition or might not perform at its optimal levels. Therefore, we strongly advise you not to attempt to use your generator while it's being repaired. Rest assured, we will get your generator up and running as soon as possible.


Have a question about a product or service price? Ask one of our technicians.

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