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    Top Five Reasons You Should Buy a Gas Generator

    Gas generators that are fueled by natural gas help produce electricity for household, industrial and commercial needs. They provide life-saving backup for when electricity supply seizes. Paramount Power Systems is a family-owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience in gas generators. Our services include industrial generators, residential generators and mobile generators.

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    How to Buy the Right Generator for Your Home

    Generators are generally used as a power backup in homes, businesses and other facilities. Power outages can be taxing as they can momentarily bring your life to a standstill.  People living in areas with minimal power outages tend to not buy generators unless there is an approaching natural calamity, such as a hurricane or a flood. It is an immediate decision taken without any preparation, creating a high chance of ending up with the wrong item. Just to get the power up and running the generator technicians usually skip through the critical safety measures that need to be taken. That is a reason why carbon monoxide poisoning due to generators is still a major cause of deaths.


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    Generator Safety Tips: Dos & Don’ts

    Electrical power plays such a big role in our everyday lives that we cannot think of a world without it. Whether it’s just a power loss issue or you are just facing severe weather, generators provide backup power to devices including refrigerators, chargers and other appliances. Sometimes power outages last for days or weeks, depending on a situation and the method of restoration by the utility company.


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    5 Steps for Proper Maintenance of Residential Generators

    A residential generator keeps your power on during an outage. It is usually installed outside your home and turns on immediately when there is a power outage. Residential generators run on propane or natural gas and hence, there is no nuisance of refuelling them. During a power outage, your automatic transfer switch (ATS) will signal the generator to start. The generator provides power backup to your house till the utility power returns through the ATS. After the utility power returns, the ATS transfers the electricity back to the utility and the generator shuts off. The generator is in a standby mode until the next outage. 


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