a generator is heating up the house during bloackout in the winter

5 Generator Accessories You Should Know About


Ontario is the second-largest producer of electricity in Canada. 92% of the electricity comes from zero-carbon sources. But severe weather still causes power outages disrupting business and home life. 

There's an increasing demand for standby generators or portable generators. Home generators or commercial generators are a great solution to power outages, but many owners forget about essential generator accessories.

To get the most out of your generator, here is a quick guide to the must-have generator accessories.


1. Carb Heater

Carburetor heaters are recommended in climates where the temperature drop below freezing.  The carb heater is designed to prevent condensation from forming in cold weather and the carburetor from icing as a result.  The heater will turn on and off as needed.  It will turn on when the temperature falls below 4C and turns off when the temperature rises above 16C.


2. Generator Transfer Switch

A transfer switch connects the generator to the electrical load. It also prevents the risk of back-feeding power to the grid. It ensures the safe transfer of power and follows electrical codes.

Kohler transfer switches bridge the gap between loss of utility and standby power.  They safely transfer power from the utility to the generator when the power goes off and then safely back when the power is restored.


3. Fuel Regulator Heater

This accessory is used to regulate the flow of engine fuel for consistent pressure.  It ensures that the engine in your generator runs smoothly in sub-zero weather.  It is highly recommended in areas where the temperatures are extremely cold in the winter and especially if the generator is placed in a very windy area.



4.  Battery

All stand by generators require a battery to turn on the generator and to keep your generator running during the most demanding applications.  Like your car, batteries do not last a life time and need to be checked annually when the maintenance is performed on the generator.  If the battery is dead, your generator will not start.



5. Generator Maintenance Kit

Generators need regular servicing and preventative maintenance to help them run smoothly. The user manual will specify the recommended service and maintenance schedule.

A generator maintenance kit should include oil, oil filters, air filters, and spark plugs. A gas funnel, cleaning cloths, and cleaning products are also useful additions. Maintenance will prolong the life of the generator and increase its reliability.


Make the Most of Your Generator With Generator Accessories

It is important to have essential generator accessories. For professional advice and generator services, Paramount Power System is always here to help in Ontario. Contact us.

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