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The Paramount Power Difference – Service Beyond All Expectations

We offer 24-hour emergency service across Ontario

Paramount Power Systems has become the go-to company for generators and power solutions in Toronto and across Ontario. Whether you seek an industrial, commercial, or residential generator, Paramount provides safe and reliable solutions to keep the power on.



In today’s modern world, we are all highly dependent on reliable power for our homes. As our day-to-day lives are reliant on the electronics we use or the power required to charge our vehicles, the need for uninterrupted electricity continues to grow. Over the last 3 years, our dependence on these systems at home has continued to grow as more and more people transition to working and learning from home. For this reason, investing in an efficient power generator for your home or cottage is an important investment that can protect your assets in the long run. Paramount Power Systems is an authorized Kohler Titanium Dealer with stock readily available to look after your generator needs depending on the size of your property.


If you are an electrical contractor, mechanical contractor, project manager or engineer looking after the purchase or facilitation of a commercial or industrial generator, we have years of experience and knowledge in providing customized solutions for each project. Our systems are designed and assembled in our own facility, where we are able to control the quality of every Paramount unit built. We sell a wide range of generators in Toronto and throughout Ontario, reach out to us.



For over 40 years we have strived to provide the highest levels of customer service and support whether you are buying a generator or have ongoing service requirements for an existing generator. Ronnies Generator, our sister company has a team of expert technicians who are available to diagnose and correct any issues no matter how large or small they may be, count on us for our 24-hour emergency response services. Get reliable generators through our sale in Toronto and across Ontario. Reach out to our 24-hour emergency service team for more information.


Whether you're working through an unplanned outage, a planned project, or a surge in demand, Paramount Power Systems will make it possible for you to keep the power on.


Wherever and whenever you need it, our generators are perfect for any application large or small.  




If the light goes out in the storm, a generator is a primary source of power in a home. It is used to run appliances and power up your A/C or heating system, which otherwise won’t function without electricity. Trust our backup Kohler home generators to cover all your power supply needs.  Get in touch with us today and save yourself and your family the trouble and inconvenience in case of a power outage.



Your business is the source of your income and livelihood. The loss of orders, valuable customers, and communication can be detrimental to your establishment. Paramount Power Systems aims to take that stress away with our full line of Paramount generators for light commercial needs. 



For larger industrial facilities, trust our Paramount generators to ensure a smooth operation of your business in case of a power grid issue.


The most demanding line of work needs reliability and responsiveness complemented by 24/7 emergency services. Whether you run a healthcare facility, water supply station, or food processing plant, time is of the essence. Paramount Power Systems ensures your industrial operations are up and running smoothly in no time in the event of a power failure.


Paramount Power Systems provides clean, reliable, and cost-effective backup power solutions. We offer a full line of generators ranging from 12 kW to 2000 kW + in diesel, natural gas, and propane, and we are committed to keeping your operations powered without any interruptions. Our wide range of commercial and residential generators is best suited for all your needs with the additional advantage of our impeccable service, timely repairs, and instant spare parts availability.

Check out our blog to know more about the kind of generator you might need.


Unpredictable power outages can cause significant disruptions to your daily life or business operations. That's why choosing a reliable and durable generator that can provide uninterrupted power is essential. At Paramount, we offer high-quality accessories to improve your experience.


Along with our generator sales in Toronto, you can also contact Paramount Power Systems for generator accessories, including:

  • Transfer switches: This device helps keep the electricity running in case there's a problem with the primary source of electricity. It switches the power supply from the primary source to a backup source so that power is supplied at places like hospitals, data centers, and factories without interruption.

  • Paralleling switchgear: This system helps multiple generators work together to provide electricity. It helps to distribute the electricity evenly among the generators so that they work efficiently and don't get overloaded. Paralleling switchgear is used in the facilities that need a lot of power to keep running.


To know more about our generator, services, and product sales in Toronto, reach out to us today!


Our experienced team always puts the customer's requirements first and delivers the best service with our rich experience in the generator and backup power industry. With the range of backup power systems available with us, you can rest assured never to be left without power again.


As power outages and voltage issues are unpredictable, getting a reliable generator installed by our team of technicians will keep your appliances and equipment running longer. Our generators are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency, ensuring you have backup power that you can count on. With our wide range of generators and rental services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you're prepared for any power outage.


Providing generators and high-quality accessories in Toronto and across Ontario, we enable your systems' smooth functioning at all times.



Looking for Kohler Generator Sales in Toronto?

With decades of experience in the industry, we offer reliable generators in Toronto for all your power needs.

If you are a contractor looking to pick up a generator, pour a concrete pad or on a site visit and need to know the dimensions of the recommended generator, please click here:

Paramount Power Systems

Generators For Homes and Cottages

Generators For Your Business 



We provide reliable emergency backup power solutions and equipment to keep the power on.


Downtime is not an option. In the event of a generator emergency, contact us any day, any time.


Have a question about a product or service price? Ask one of our technicians.

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